Accessibility (VRRs and reading rooms of the RSL)
Nowadays the Russian State Library gives opportunity to access full texts of dissertations in the electronic form, thus giving its numerous users with a unique chance to obtain the information they are interested in without leaving their cities. To make the DDL RSL resources available, Virtual Reading Rooms are created in the libraries of the cities. The Catalogue of the Digital Dissertation Library is in open access for all users of the Internet.
At present, Virtual Reading Rooms of the RSL successfully function in almost all the regions of Russia, in the 10 CIS states and also in the republic of Iran. New contacts are being set in order to increase the area of coverage of the electronic service.
The Digital Dissertation Library of the RSL is a wonderful opportunity for thousands of scientists which helps them to realize in a new way their own potentials and those ones of their staff, to reduce costs of researches, to form their scientific views grounding on the knowledge worked out with decades.

Individuals can get the access to the Digital Dissertation Library of the RSL at:
Contracts for getting access to the Digital Dissertation Library of the RSL are signed only with libraries or other organizations containing libraries in order to mutually use each other's resources.
For detailed information concerning documents, view "For organizations"

According to Part 4 of the Civil Code of the RF, from January 1st, 2008,
 "...In case when a library places samples of works which were sanctioned into civil circulation for temporary unpaid usage, such usage doesn't require the author's  - or any other owner's acquiessence, or  any reward paying. In this connection, the digitized samples of works, placed by the libraries into temporary unpaid usage, this including cases of interlibrary loans, can be accessed only inside libraries on the condition that all possibilities to make digital copies should be excluded."