Selling books written off the RSL collections! 06.12.2019
Dear readers,
We are ever glad to inform you that the RSL Internet store of services is progressing in raising quality of our services and in broadening their spectrum. Now you are welcome to buy the redundant editions written off the collections of the Russian State Library. The large assortment of the RSL store of services offers over 10 thousand editions among which you will certainly find interesting some of the following ones:
  • Literature on culture and arts;
  • Maps and guidebooks;

  • Textbooks for school children, students and teachers;

  • Literature for learning languages: textbooks, dictionaries, reference books, etc.;

  • Masterpieces of world literature;

  • Literature on culture and arts;

  • Periodicals;

  • Foreign literature.

The variety of editions represented on the RSL Internet store of services is constantly replenished and modified. The convenient search engine would be useful in finding the editions you are interested in in the shortest time.

You are welcome to choose how to pay on our RSL Internet Store of Services:
1.         Either by your bank card;
2.         Or by cash through the cashier office of the RSL.
Your request paid for, you will receive the email informing you that your purchase has been packed. After that you will be able to get your purchase at our pickup point or to request for the postal delivery by Pochta Rossii on the RSL Internet store.
Our pickup point is located at: entrance 2, 12 – Mokhovaya St.
The pickup point is open Mon – Fri, 10-00a.m. –  06.00 p.m..
You are welcome to look through the rules of how to make requests and order the editions you are interested in on the official website of the RSL Internet store of services
Phone: +7 (495) 695-92-96