Exhibition Moscow 1917 View from the Vagankovsky Hill at the Ivanovsky Room of the Russian State Library 04.08.2017
Location: Ivanovsky Room of the Russian State Library, building 7 of 3/5 Vozdvizhenka St., Moscow, entrance from the Starovagankovsky Pereulok St.
Time: 14 June — 20 September 2017.
Open: Tuesday — Saturday (11:00 a.m.—8:00 p.m.)
Entrance fee: 200 RUR for adults, 50 RUR for school children, students and large families.
Free entrance for: privileged categories of citizens, this including children under 16.

Acting as director general

of the RSL Vladimir Gnezdilov

 14 June 2017 the Ivanovsky Room of the Russian State Library opened its doors for the visitors of exhibition “Moscow 1917– View from the Vagankovsky Hill”. The exposition reports the events from life of the Rumiantsevsky Museum in 1917 and its staff who saw their target aims in preserving the collections of the museum as well as those ones which used to belong to private hands. For the first time the public is offered an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique museum items left from the collections abrogated in the 1920s, together with authentic documents and photographs, newspapers, journals, postcards, posters, leaflets describing those days in Moscow which turned to be fateful for the nation and for the Rumiantsevsky Museum itself.
The events of the year of 1917 predetermined the further fate of the Rumiantsevsky Museum. In early 1920s all the non – book collections (paintings, graphics, numismatics, porcelain, minerals, etc.) were transferred to the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the State Historical Museum and to many other museums. In July 1925 the Central Executive Committee of the USSR issued the decree to abolish the Rumiantsevsky Museum and to found on the basis of its library the State Lenin Library of the USSR.
The spirits and emotions the museum staff were overwhelmed with and coming through are reflected by the exhibits at the Ivanovsky Room. The exhibition shows how the Rumianstevsky Museum lived, preserved itself and developed within the year when the outside world turned upside down.

Ivanovsky Room of the

Russian State Library

The newly – designed Ivanovsky Room was opened at the Russian State Library 23 December 2016. It is a unique exhibition space constructed on the base of the art gallery of the Rumiantsevsky Museum which had given a start to the Russian State Library. In 2013 there were organized building process, and in 2016 the RSL supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation returned the Ivanovsky Room to pure art lovers.

Visitors of the exhibition

Reconstruction and advanced methods of museum design turned the old building into the modern conceptual art space organized in such a way which makes tour around the exhibition interesting and pleasant. The rooms are equipped with media stands, and the first floor has a smaller room which could act either as a reading room or as a lectorium.
The exhibitions at the Ivanovsky Room have brought up a good tradition of curator excursions. The specialists having directly participated in the organization of the exposition tell about their favourite exhibits and about how and why those ones were chosen from all the others. Each of the excursions makes an accent at one of the parts of the exhibition, and each of them is unforgettable. If you wish to visit the excursion, please just buy an entrance ticket to the exhibition. Timetable for the coming excursions is available over here http://www.rsl.ru/ru/s7/s381/2017/moscow1917/about#lections.

Head of the project: Natalia Samoilenko (RSL), curator of the exhibition: Olga Barkovets, designer: Julia Napolova, coordinator: Natalia Shapovalova (RSL).
The exposition presents items from the collections of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the State Historical Museum, the State Archives of the Russian Federation, the A.I.Solzhenitsin Archives and from the private collection by V. Lebedev.