International Research and Practical Conference Obnaruzheniye Zaimstvovaniy 2018 (Revealing Plagiarisms 2018), October-November 2018. 10.06.2018
We would be ever glad to see you at our International research and practical conference “Obnaruzheniye Zaimstvovaniy 2018” (“Revealing Plagiarisms 2018”).


The aim of the conference is to form the expert milieu in order to discuss problems, exchange opinions and work over solutions for the sphere of revealing plagiarisms in the educational, scientific and publishing domains.
The participation at the conference will contribute to studying the problem of plagiarism revealing in research and academic papers from all the possible aspects, as well as to getting acquainted with the strategy of the development of that stream, to discussing a wide circle of ethical, legal, methodological, programme and technical and educational subjects; to learning innovative experience of implementation and usage of electronic systems of plagiarism revealing in the educational, research and publishing processes. The participants of the conference get a chance to get acquainted with the innovative technologies of processing, carrying out expertise and evaluating texts’ authenticity, with integration of search systems into the information and educational environment of organizations, and also to discuss matters of practical application and development of digital resources in the fields of education, science and culture, as well as to set professional contacts.  
The conference welcomes: representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and of regional educational authorities, of the Higher Attestation Committee of the Russian Federation and of the CIS states, of the Russian Academy of Sciences, of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science; the Council of Science Editors, the Association of Science Editors and Publishers, the NEICON, the representatives of leading higher education institutions and libraries, of Scientific Research Institutes, of publishing houses, of mass media, of corporations; developers of information and search systems and services, of leading digital library systems and aggregators interested in experience exchange in the sphere of revealing textual plagiarisms and in working out solutions targeted at raising quality of academic and research papers. This is a platform for heads and teachers, methodologists and experts, scientists and IT specialists who are not indifferent towards the quality of education and development of scientific potential of the society.
This year the conference will be held in a new format. The participants of the “Revealing Plagiarisms 2018” conference will have an opportunity to visit the both of the platforms:
25–26 October.
The Russian State Library;

1–2 November
The Institute of the Development of Education.

The main subject matters of the conference are:

1. Regulative basics of usage of means for revealing plagiarisms in qualification and terminal works, and also in reporting documents. Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation   636 “About ratification of the Order of carrying out State Final Attestation in educational programmes of higher education institutions, i.e. programmes of baccalaureate, programmes of specialist degrees and programmes of magistracy” (dated by 29 June 2015). Requirements of the Higher Attestation Committee under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation towards dissertation theses. Recommendations of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science on testing final compositions for plagiarisms;

2. Legal basics and problems of systems and means for plagiarism revealing in qualification papers and research documents;

3.  Methodology of implementation and usage of technical means for revealing plagiarisms in different segments. Specifics of revealing plagiarism in the institutions of high and higher education, in Scientific Research Institutes, in mass media, in government agencies and commercial companies; methodological support;

4. Methodology of expertise of borrowings and of making decisions concerning qualification works and facts of their meeting the existing requirements;

5. Ethical questions of revealing plagiarisms in research works and academic papers;

6. Programme and technical means for revealing plagiarisms. Systems, products and companies;

7. Algorithms and technologies of plagiarism revealing, of search, processing and analyzing texts;

8. Means and systems of information support of plagiarism revealing, digital library systems and open access systems;

9.  Educational programmes and technologies of forming competences for plagiarism revealing, user’s support at the systems of plagiarism revealing, efficiency and quality management of plagiarism revealing systems;

10. Integration of plagiarism search systems with the internal information systems of educational organizations.

You are welcome to get details on the platforms and to enroll for participation on
Participation conditions: free of charge. Pre – registration for the conference is obligatory:
The participants will be offered: handouts, coffee breaks. The conference being terminated, the participants obtain certificates on the professional development in theme “Revealing plagiarisms – methodology, theory and practice” (18 hours)
Conference place and contacts of its Organizing Committee are:
25–26 October 2018
Conference room  
of the Russian State Library
3/5, Vozdvizhenka St., Moscow
Anastasia S. Chernyshova
+7 (495) 223-23-84 (add. 309)
1–2 November 2018
Conference room
of the Institute of the Development of Education
18, Tsiolkovskogo St., Lipetsk
Nataliya N. Pachina
+ 7 (910) 252-94-95


See you at the conference!
Organizing Committee
“Obnaruzheniye Zaimstvovaniy 2018”