Open House at the Russian State Library 22.05.2018
29 May 2018 the Russian State Library welcomes specialists of libraries and other establishments of culture, science and education to visit its traditional Open House.
At the plenary meeting there are going to be presented reports on topical matters of library sphere and the achievements of the RSL, there is also going to take place presentation of the seventh issue of Middle – Sized BBK Tables in Natural Sciences. 
Within the framework of the Open House there are going to be held:
Seminar “Organization of standardization of work at the library”,
Seminar “Topical SIBID standards in library work”,
Seminar “Reference and bibliographic service – new challenges”,
Roundtable with representatives of dissertation boards, of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and of the Central Scientific Medical Library of Sechenov University,
Roundtable “Interlibrary service in the modern library and information environment”,
Roundtable on the problems of public reporting by libraries,
Meeting with the well – known artist and author of numerous theatre posters Vitaliy Y. Volf and presentation of his book “A Sample Happy Life. An Artist’s Memoirs”.
Traditionally, the leading staff members of the departments of the RSL are going to give consultations and training lectures on a wide circle of professional subjects. Some of them are as follows: consultations “Accounting and excluding documents from the collections”, “Technology of digitizing documents from the collections of the RSL”, “Technology of computer service for readers and users of the RSL”, “Technology of computer library document processing”, “Standardization of library processes”, “Complex approach to document preservation at the Department of storage of basic collections. New methods and innovative technologies in the sphere of preservation”, “Work on reconstruction of private book collections stored at the RSL”, “Additional professional training for library and information specialists (professional re – training, advanced education)”, “Advanced training programmes for restorers of archives and library documents at the RSL”, “Preventive measures of document safekeeping (conditions of storage, preventive measures and elimination of consequences of bio- damages to documents)”, methodological consultations by the specialists of the research and development BBK centre in using tables, training lecture “Licenced digital resources for librarians”, etc.
 The guests of the Open House are offered a remarkable excursion programme: a survey excursion over the RSL with visiting reader zone of the library with the information and search stalls of the digital catalogue, reading rooms of new acquisitions and reading rooms of Internet usage of digital resources and of the digital library. Besides, they are invited to see the Department of storage of basic collections with demonstration of the tele-lift and pneumo-post systems and to participate in the excursion over the Pashkov Dom with visiting specialized departments (of manuscripts, music scores and records, and of mapping). In addition, they are going to have and excursion along the Book Museum. If they wish, our guests will have an opportunity to visit different exhibitions at diverse exhibition platforms of the RSL, this including at the Ivanovsky Hall. They will be offered to buy products of the “Pashkov Dom” publishing house and the issues of the RSL journals.
You are welcome to view the Internet broadcast of the plenary meeting of the Open House on the official website of the Russian Association of Digital Libraries
Registration starts at 10:00 a.m. at the hall of the conference room of the RSL.
Plenary meeting starts at 11.00 a.m. (conference room of the RSL).
Admission is free.
Russian State Library
2nd floor, 3rd entrance, 3/5 Vozdvizhenka St, Moscow
(metro station “Borovitskaya”, “Аrbatskaya”, “Aleksandrovsky Sad”,
“Biblioteka imeni Lenina”)
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