Annual Caucus of Heads of Federal and Central Regional Libraries of Russia 08.08.2019
22—23 October 2019, in Moscow there is held the annual caucus of heads of federal and central regional libraries of Russia.

An official letter of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Conference organizers:
  • the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation;
  • the Russian State Library;
  • the National Library of Russia.
The main theme to be discussed is “National project ‘Culture’ as a new stage of library development”.
Other topics:
  • Project ‘Developing Model Libraries’ – first results and further prospects;
  • Valuable books – registration and digitalization;
  • National Digital Library (NDL);
  • Problems of preservation and conservation of library collections in the digital age;
  • System of electronic interlibrary loan and delivery as a form of library cooperation at the inter-regional and international levels;
  • Professional development of library specialists – projects and programmes.
Within the framework of the caucus there are held a plenary meeting and roundtables. There takes place the ceremony of summing up the results of the Third All – Russia Contest of Library Innovations organized by the RSL.
Participation conditions: no registration fee.
Contact information:
Eugenia N. Guseva,
Director of the Department of National and Priority Projects,
Telephone number +7 (499) 557-04-70, add. 26-87,
Pre - registration:
Registration for the caucus participants is open till 13 October.
Speech requests are accepted till 1 October.
The organizing committee reserves the right to accept or decline the request and to establish the speech status.
Link to the source and registration form is over here: