Information for entering the contract for organizing access to the Digital Dissertation Library of the RSL

To process your documents for access to the DDL RSL, please mail the requisites of your organization to

  1. Legal name of the organization (as it will be in the contract)
  2. Full name of the person authorized to sign your contract for access to the DDL SRL and legal authorizations from your organization
  3. Legal address
  4. INN
  5. KPP
  6. ОКАТО
  7. ОКPО
  8. P/A (personal account)
  9. S/A (settlement account)
  10. Name of the bank
  11. BIK
  12. OGRN
  13. Contractual term: 1 year (398,840.00 RUR), six months (199,420.00 RUR).
  14. Payment: 100% at once or prepayment of 30% and 70% afterwards.
  15. Information on the contact person signing the contract:
    • Full name
    • Position
    • Department
    • Contact telephone number/fax
    • E-mail
    • Address de facto (if it differs from the legal one)

We will be glad to prepare and post to you the contract, bill and other documents. The bill paid, we will realize the connection, and we will need IP – addresses of the computers of your launched DDL RSL Virtual reading room and contact information of its administrator.