The system for viewing electronic documents in the protected mode "DVS" is a new licensed software developed by the RSL in cooperation with the “IT–Systems” company and destined for organization of access to the Copyright works in the electronic form. With the help of the system libraries will be able to satisfy the demands of Part 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Currently in force from 1 January 2008, Part 4 of the Civil Code RF restricts the work of libraries on providing free–of–charge access to the digitized copies of Copyright works. According to the foresaid law, such a service is only permitted to be provided if library secures impossibility to create digital copies of the works in question.
The “DVS” system is a capability for libraries to satisfy the demand of the Civil Code while providing access to their electronic materials.
Advantages of “DVS”:
  1. The “DVS” system does not require any additional specialized software to be installed at user’s computer. This significantly simplifies the process of connection of new workplaces and change of the equipment. Besides this contributes to the flexibility of organization of the system of workplaces in the reading room, for readers will be able to work at any of its computers.

  2. All the operations in the “DVS” are carried out on the server. Such a realization of the system minimizes the list of requirements towards the hardware of user’s computer.

  3. “DVS” works at computers with either of the operating systems, pads or mobile devices. The only requirements to the software are: web browser and flash player.

  4. The “DVS” has the capability of search integrated, which makes work more comfortable, for user can search for the documents they need and view those documents in one and the same information milieu with the same elements of the interface.

  5. The “DVS” is integrated with the joint base of users of the RSL. User registered in the “DVS” can enjoy all the resources of the RSL without any additional registration.

  6. The “DVS” provides a possibility to manage user’s profile. User themselves can set a convenient password for access to all the information resources of the RSL.

  7. The “DVS” possesses a convenient mechanism of storage of the selected data. User can put the documents they are interested in, or pages of those documents, into the “Selected documents” part and use them without any additional search.