Open Digital Dissertation Library
Every scientist of the Russian Federation  - or the USSR - has acquired the right to put his/her dissertation and its abstract in open access on the website of the RSL irrespectively of the year of defense. For that matters, the RSL signs contracts with authors themselves or with the organizations where the defense took place, according to the RF Law.
If the contract is signed with the author directly, the latter is required to:
  1. copy the contract form from the website, fill in the form in 2 copies (one is returned to the author on being signed);
  2. attach the copy of the certificate of the acquired degree;
  3. send or bring the 2 copies of the contract and the copy of the certificate of the acquired degree;
  4. transmit to the RSL the digital version of the dissertation and its abstract in any format on a floppy disk, or mail them to:
If the author doesn't possess a digital version of his/her work, and such a works are put in the restricted access of the digital depository, these work also can be transmitted to the Open Digital Library on the basis of the author's contract with the RSL.
In case the contract is signed with the organization which presents the works to the digital library, this organization is taking up legal relationship with the author following on from the conditions of the contract with the RSL.
Contact information for transmitting dissertations and/or abstracts into open access
119019, Moscow, 3/5 Vozdvizhenka St.,
 the Department of Support of Access to Digital Resources

Contact person
Sergeyuk Marina Alexandrovna
+ 7 (495) 609-94-96