17 May 2024

All-Russia Library Congress - 28th Annual Conference of Russian Library Association

19 24 May, Kazan, which was appointed the library capital of the year of 2024, hosts the All-Russia library congress - 28th Annual conference of Russian Library Association. The general theme is "Library in a multi-polar world".

15 May 2024

Online May Lectures of the RSL Centre of Oriental Literature

Welcome to watch two most interesting lectures by Mr Nikolai V. Polonsky, historian and teacher, specialist in ruling dynasties and member of History and Genealogy Society. These meetings will be devoted to the UAE and Qatar.

26 April 2024

2nd International Research and Practical Conference "Cossacks guarding the frontiers of our Motherland"

June 6-8, 2024, in Novocherkassk there is held the 2nd International research and practical conference "Cossacks guarding the frontiers of our Motherland" organised with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and Union of Russian Cossacks.

10 April 2024

RSL Centre of Oriental Literature. Whats on over there in April

In April the Centre of Oriental Literature of the Russian State Library offers its old friends and those who only start opening for themselves a miraculous world of oriental culture new video-lectures.

26 March 2024

RSL Virtual Reading Room at the Sevastopol Children Arts School

The Russian State Library proceeds broadening its network of virtual reading rooms. A new step was launching a VRR RSL at the Sevastopol Children Arts School which came true due to their winning the school library contest.