1 July 2021

Dear users!

We have to inform you on closing the paid-for service of Downloading documents through a dedicated channel which used to be available on the RSL Internet Store of Services.
Since July 5, 2021, any user of the Russian State Library will be able to download any of the full texts of the documents from the collections of the RSL Digital Library (DL RSL) which are available in open access due to expiry of the Copyright terms or due to their authors consent. The downloading procedure will be accessible on a free-ofcharge basis and without any quality losses.

18 March 2021

"Rumiantsev Readings 2021"

21 23 April 2021 the Russian State Library hosts the International Research and Practical Conference "Rumiantsev Readings 2021"

17 March 2020

Dear clients!

We would like to remind you about the hard epidemiologic condition. Please, be so kind as to mail all your requests to the email address specified at the project contacts, or directly to the contact person.

30 November 2019

Providing Service on Project Antiplagiat.RSL

Since 22 October 2019, the Russian State Library (RSL) offers all its users the service of Testing texts for plagiarisms against full-text database Digital Library of the Russian State Library with usage of the Automated system of specialized text-document processing with a report on the test results.

26 November 2019

Opening VRR RSL for remote users service

28 October 2019, the Russian State Library (RSL) launched service Opening Virtual Reading Room of the Russian State Library (VRR RSL) for remote users service.