Our Agents
If you wish to launch a Virtual Reading Room of the Russian State Library in your country, you are welcome to address to our agents..
In the Ukraine:
Address: 43, 5 Nemanskaya St., Kiev, 01103, the Ukraine
Contact person: Viktoria Choch
Phone: +380 (44) 501-12-95
Fax: +380 (44) 286-24-43
e-mail: fracsim.office@gmail.com 
site: http://www.fracsim.com
In Belarus:
JSC "Delsar"
Address: 220141, Nezavisimosti ave., 164, 2nd entrance, 14 floor, off. 1 Minsk, Belarus
Contact person:                    Igor Radyuk
Phone: +375 (17) 285-92-25, +375 (17) 301-92-25
Fax: +375 (17) 285-92-25, +375 (17) 301-92-25
e-mail: rdk@lit.by
site: www.delsar.by
In the Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, China, Japan, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and USA:
UAB «Eposervis»
Address: Mindaugo 16-30, Vilnius LT-03225, Lithuania
Contact person:    Makarevich Tamara
Phone: +37052078569 (Lithuania)
e-mail: info@eposlink.com
In Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Macedonia:

: 8, Krimskii val, Moscow, 119049, Russia

Contact person:      Ushanov Dmitry
Phone/Fax: +7 (495) 777-65-57 (ext. 122)
e-mail: sales@ivis.ru
site: www.ivis.ru