The RSL Contests in Preservation of the Cossack Historical and Cultural Heritage

The Russian State Library continues its activities targeted at promoting scientific research of the history of the Russian Cossacks within the framework of federal project Electronic Library of the Cossacks on the National Electronic Library Platform.

News and events

17 July 2024

Digitisation of physical items within the framework of the Culture national project in the year of 2024

At the regular webinar the RSL officials provided information concerning the new capabilities of the "Rare and Valuable Books" website, what to mind when composing an annotation and how to carry on the digitisation procedure properly.

16 July 2024

RSL Centre of Oriental Literature. Whats On in July?

The Russian State Library continues its series of lectures devoted to the culture and art of the countries of Asia and Africa. Philosophy and linguistics, crafts and music, religion and body art all those and many other interesting aspects will be dealt with in most captivating talks by the invited experts of the RSL.