3 September 2019

About pausing in making contracts for opening Virtual Reading Rooms of the Russian State Library

We regret to inform you that upon the decision of the administration, the Russian State Library (RSL) is pausing in entering contracts with libraries or other organizations possessing libraries for opening RSL Virtual Reading Rooms at their premises.

8 August 2019

Annual Caucus of Heads of Federal and Central Regional Libraries of Russia

2223 October 2019, in Moscow there is held the annual caucus of heads of federal and central regional libraries of Russia.

25 July 2019

Obnaruzheniye Zaimstvovaniy 2019

Dear colleagues, We are happy to invite you to take part in the international research and practical conference Obnaruzheniye Zaimstvovaniy 2019 (Revealing Plagiarisms 2019), 24 25 October, Moscow.

17 July 2019

Open House for Specialists of the Establishments of Culture, Science and Education at the Russian State Library

28 May 2019, the Russian State Library (RSL) organized the Open House for specialists of the establishments of culture, science and education for the 37th time.

20 June 2019

Fifth International Professional Forum BOOK. CULTURE. EDUCATION. INNOVATIONS(Crimea 2019)

8 16 June 2019, in the city of Sudak (Crimea) there took place the Fifth International Professional Forum Book. Culture. Education. Innovations (Crimea 2019). The main organizer of the forum was the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology (RNPLS&T).