4 August 2017

Exhibition Moscow 1917 View from the Vagankovsky Hill at the Ivanovsky Room of the Russian State Library

14 June 20 September 2017, the Russian State Library is holding exhibition Moscow 1917 View from the Vagankovsky Hill at the Ivanovsky Room. The exposition is reporting the main events taking place at the Rumiantsevsky Museum in the year of 1917. For the first time the public is offered an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique museum items left from the collections abrogated in the 1920s, together with authentic documents and photographs, newspapers, journals, postcards, posters, leaflets describing those days in Moscow which turned to be fateful for the nation and for the Rumiantsevsky Museum itself.

2 August 2017

16th Annual International Research and Practical Conference Digital Century of Culture

16th Annual international research and practical conference Digital Century of Culture (DCC 2017) is going to take place 18 22 September 2017 in the city of Perm.

7 July 2017


3 11 June 2017, the city of Sudak (Crimea, Russia) hosted the Third international professional forum Book. Culture. Education. Innovations (Crimea 2017).

1 July 2017

Dear readers,

Dear readers, We are ever glad to inform you that the RSL Internet store of services is progressing in raising quality of our services and in broadening their spectrum. Now you are welcome to buy the redundant editions written off the collections of the Russian State Library.

8 June 2017

The Russian State Library Open House for Librarians from Moscow and Moscow Region

30th May 2017 the Russian State Library opened its doors for the thirty fifth time to meet the participants of the Open House. The organizers had prepared the agenda rich with diverse events which would demonstrate all the directions and modern forms of work the Russian State Library practiced.