Restarting the service on the 'Antiplagiat.RSL' project 31.08.2018
3 September 2018, the Russian State Library restarts providing its service “Testing text documents for plagiarisms against full-textual database with usage of the Automated system of specialized text document processing against full-textual database Digital Library of the Russian State Library” with the expert’s report as the result. For the time being, the service is offered to organizations only.
The service gives an opportunity to check the authenticity of the text of a research document. For plagiarism tests there is used specialized software “Automated system of specialized text document processing” which was developed for the RSL by the “Antiplagiat” company. The software detects coincident fragments in the tested document which in this or that way coincide with those ones of the sources of the full-textual collections of the Digital Library of the RSL.
The plagiarism test results in the report performed in the firm form with the expert’s signature and the signature of the authorized person.
The plagiarism tests carried out at the RSL are based on the principles of enforcing norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation and of the science ethics, as well as on the independence and impartiality of the expert specialist.
You are welcome to look through more details on the rules, procedure of providing the service and its price on website in section ”Antiplagiat.RSL”.