"Rumiantsev Readings 2021" 18.03.2021
The English Embankment in St. Petersburg. Postcard.
On the right there is the mansion of the Rumiantsev House in which the Rumiantsev Museum is located
21 – 23 April 2021 the Russian State Library hosts the International Research and Practical Conference «Rumiantsev Readings 2021». The event is planned to be organized online and off line as well.

The aim of the «Rumiantsev Readings» conference remains as follows: to attract attention to the problems of preservation and studying world cultural heritage, as well as to the matters of library work at the present times. It would also target at the search of promising leads, broadening inter-cultural cooperation and collaboration relationship with the institutions of culture, education and science.

The themes to be dealt with:
  • Libraries and museums in the history context – private collections and national repositories;
  • Exploring universal and specialized library collections. Book-study and source-study aspects;
  • Problems of history, terminology and methodology of old book and manuscript - description;
  • ‘Reestr Knizhnyh Pamiatnikov’ (‘Old and Valuable Book Register’) – a national database for accounting and registering or a scientific and research resource;
  • The on-going library and information education – challenges of time and tendencies;
  • Library at the modern times – availability of the unavailable;
  • Library science – state of affairs, priority directions and prospects.
Traditionally there is going to be considered a wide range of matters connected with the theory and practice of library science, bibliography, book science, current issues of library work.

Within the framework of the «Rumiantsev Readings» conference there are planned to be held customary sections to cover such matters as results of library science research and book study research, studying printed and manuscript books, art editions, maps, music and records, problems of library and bibliographic classification, efficient management at the contemporary library, etc. alongside meetings devoted the dates and events of the year of 2021.
One of the events deserving a particular attention of yours is going to be seminar«Library Bio-Graphics. To Lyubov B.Khavkina’s 150th Anniversary», dedicated to the outstanding librarian, one of the institutors of the national professional library education. There are also organized roundtables «Library and information education – from education once and for the whole life to the ongoing-education concept», «The potential of the ‘Reestr Knizhnyh Pamiatnikov’ (‘Old and Valuable Book Register’) as a database for scientific analysis», «Collections of specialized documents (of maps, music and records) in the digital milieu», «Library collections in terms – discussing the project of the national standard».
The reports and discussions of section “Libraries and museums in the history context” are planned to focus on the themes connected with the two jubilee dates – 190th anniversary of the Rumiantsev Museum in Saint Petersburg and 200th anniversary of the first director of Moscow Public Museum Nikolai V.Isakov.

We will be glad to see among our participants librarians, specialists of archives, museums, higher education institutions, research and development institutions, as well as publishers, representatives of government bodies and public organizations.

Place: 3/5 Vozdvizhenka St., Moscow (The Russian State Library)

Our contacts:
Elena A. Ivanova, RSL academic secretary
e-mail: ivanovaea@rsl.rurum@rsl.ru
phone: +7 (499) 557-04-70, . 22-52

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