ROBIN and the Russian State Library a firm step towards digital future 06.10.2022

The collections of the Russian State Library count over 46 million items, 34 million of which are stored at the main building in Vozdvizhenka Street. Fast serving with accurate information on the documents available, and providing documents themselves are all impossible without speedy implementation of digitalization programmes in the library sphere.

With the intention to lessen staff workloads and provide them with more time for dealing with creative tasks, at the Russian State Library there was taken a decision to  devolve all the monotonous and routine work over content arrangement and the arrangement of reference and bibliography data to the ‘Robin’ software.

The software adds the data on the coming and retrospective editions to the digital catalogue. It runs in a 24/7 mode, it helps to save time for with ‘Robin’ typical operations would need several days instead of several months to be carried out.

You are welcome to view details on how the ideas of digital transformation are implemented at the RSL digital library with the ‘Robin’ software over here.