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“ANTIPLAGIAT” – is a system of programme and technical means for a rapid search of textual coincidences in electronic documents against collections of sources of large volumes.
“ANTIPLAGIAT.RSL” – is a specialized version of the system developed for usage at the Russian State Library for testing electronic documents for originality against collection “Digital Dissertation Library of the Russian State Library” (DDL RSL). Due to “Antiplagiat.RSL” experts reveal plagiarisms from DDL RSL. The analytical component of experts’ work lets evaluate the degree of literality, volume, sequence and character of borrowings.
On the basis of the test carried out, the expert would make a certificate on the originality of the textual document. The certificate is an official paper of the Russian State Library with signatures of its expert and head, it contains the official seal.
The expertise realized at the Russian State Library is based on the principles of independence of the expert, objectivity and professional ethics.
To make the expertise carried out objective and of quality, the following demands should be satisfied for the papers to be tested:
– the title page should contain the author’s name, the title of the work and the year of publication;
– the contents of the paper should correspond to its list of contents;
– the presence of the bibliography or reference list for the paper is obligatory.
Reference list
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